Lisheng Chang

Since 2007, I have been working on the design and implementation of various platforms, including Netizen applications, mobile applications, desktop software and games.
Good communication and understanding ability for ToB and ToG projects, and can actually design for customer's needs, and has practical experience in leading projects from communication with customers to project implementation.
Good team management skills, good at sharing knowledge with team members, and able to ensure the consistency of the team and professional ability to improve together. Ability to move the project forward with an eye on the big picture and keep the project moving steadily.




Classic Chinese literary article excerpts, Beautiful typography website with vertical rows

Cyber Macau

Cyberpunk style Macau photo showcase website

Village in Shenzhen

Urban villages refer to the traditional villages that remain in urban areas and are a unique phenomenon in the urbanization process of mainland China

Time is Getting Old

Time will never return, and the past can only be recalled

uHave Photography Products

Production of beautiful photo album series


Some sentences from the heart


Notebook on graphics algorithms, design and photography

Photographer Tools

Photography toolbox with navigation for various tools and services

Photography Contest

International Photography Competition Winners Gallery